Tropa x Saan Saan No. 7 Campfire 325 ml

Tropa x Saan Saan No. 7 Campfire 325 ml

  • Saan Saan signature Campfire scent poured in to a custom made Cornerstone Pottery deformed cup which can be reused as a mug after.

    Inspired by a small gathering of friends around campfires in the mountain town of Sagada, this takes you back to a place where the cool air smells of pine trees and mint, and the moment feels like you can take on the world. With notes of pine, sandalwood, peppermint and cinnamon.


    All-natural soy and bees wax blend
    Fragrance and essential oil blends
    All-cotton wick


    BURN TIME: 70-80hrs

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