CAVELABOREM Reminds You To Beware of Work

August 22, 2017

CAVELABOREM, our special menswear line, is a collaboration of two different worlds: Katano, Japan and Makati, Metro Manila. Derived from the Latin phrase "cave laborem", which translates to 'to beware of work', it is a tribute to life, vintage wear, and doing what you love. Produced in Japan and designed in the Philippines by Takashi Uokawa and Borgy Manotoc, the stark distinctions between them are complemented by their common interests, which can range from vintage work shirts and fried food with beer. This reflects in the bold print, vivid yet neutral colors, and structured sets that are an ideal balance between vintage manufacturing and modern innovation. But one thing holds true: Cavelaborem is for the man with passion, who spends his days with exuberance, and does so looking sharp in a finely-crafted pajama suit. 








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