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Introducing: Anna Swimwear

Australia-based line, Anna Swimwear, brings their brand back to the coast of Manila, enabling Tropa to grow further yet again.

After establishing the line years ago, owners Gerry and Brit have since exemplified enviable values and mindsets to celebrate the uniqueness of women from all walks of life—all while contributing to the creative platform of dynamic and functional swimwear.

How did Anna Swimwear start?

When we started Anna Swimwear, Brittany and I were living in Manila at the time. Brittany was having a hard time finding swimwear that matched her style and vibe so she started drawing up designs that she wanted to create. I wanted to support her vision and give her the tools to make her ideas come to life and eventually grow a successful business. So we decided to start the venture together. Our first collection was made locally in Quezon City.

What are the contributing factors when developing the brand?

Anna swimwear was created around minimalism and artistic expression. Our tastes change and develop every season, so we wanted to make a brand that could be flexible to change. We gave the brand a human name as we wanted to connect with our audience on a real level, through common interests (such as music or visual art) and not just on a customer / brand level.

Considering the significant amount of swimwear brands that have arose over the last few years, how do you ensure that you're able to keep Anna distinctive?

All fashion businesses are highly competitive. Part of what we love about fashion in general is standing out in a way that is dope and having the courage to wear and do things that other's wouldn't feel comfortable in doing. So we try to insert that in everything that we do, whether that be in the design of our pieces, our creative direction or in the way that we market.

What propelled you to bring Anna to the Philippines?

Having started our concept in the Philippines, and me being Filipino, it's special to us to be able to have a presence in the mother land.

Why decide to work with Tropa, specifically?

We've always been very careful about who we align with. For almost two years of the business we have turned back many brands who have asked to partner with our business, as we were still developing our identity. When the opportunity arose to partner with Tropa. we really liked the idea as we feel we share a lot of values. We see Tropa as a very brave brand that likes to do things outside of the box and so we felt that this was the right store for Anna Swimwear.

We also really like how Tropa finesses everything on an Aesthetic level.

Gerard Sison and Brittany Lu of Anna Swim

Anna Swimwear is now available in store just in time to be part of your escape from the monsoon showers.

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