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Nostalgic meets classic: Welcoming Vivien Ramsay

We are extremely proud to bring you the namesake label of the woman also behind Eairth, Vivien Ramsay.

The line is built on nature and process; its epicenter emanating from the use of a diverse array of fabrics to dyeing techniques that resonate that of Mangyan tribes’, each hand-dyed in the season’s colors in large vats.

She works hand-in-hand with son and VR Creative Director, Lucien Smith, in conceptualizing yet another collection. Together they create timeless silhouettes and pieces that have stemmed from the heart of their homes, Montauk and Zambales. They allow their clothes to be an extension of their relationship and in turn, they share this relationship with you.

The pieces evoke boyish characteristics, acting as menswear staples for urban women. In the release of the collection, they hope to equip you for everyday city life.

“The idea is to create clothes that speak of the equality between men and women. Simple lines which are nostalgic and classic.”

Alongside such distinguished stockists as Dover Street Market, Opening Ceremony, and New York showrooms, and now to Tropa. We look forward to launching the newest Vivien Ramsay collection in store in commemoration of our Tropa Fiesta.

See it on July 28th at 4pm.

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