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Carl Jan Cruz One-offs

Designer Carl Jan Cruz has garnered a reputation for a body of work that exemplifies technicality coupled with sentiment. Raw yet precise; refined yet fervent—these are some key elements called to mind when he comes into dialogue.

Having joined Tropa last November 2017 with Pambahay, Carl Jan Cruz has since expanded his oeuvre of the collection. Fully present with classic pique tees, track pants, shorts, and the Edition 0 denim, CJC now introduces special one-off pieces in Pambahay Projects.

In the conceptualization of each piece, he maneuvers through an avenue of experimentation and exploration of construction and design. In turn, Carl Jan Cruz allows you to immerse in his creative process.

All articles come highly anticipated as he prepares to slowly—but nevertheless surely—release each unique piece in store over a given period of time. Carl Jan Cruz appeases and satisfies as we continue to await his skillfully tailored silhouettes.

Current styles of the Pambahay Project are now available in store.

Photography: Ferline Presillas

Shoot Assistant: Sofia Jovellano

Production Assistant: Ian Mercado

Modelling: Ellesse Cruz

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