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Introducing: Baúl SS2019

The brand transitions to new medium in their release. Now making use of wooden beads, the line explores the seemingly disparate—but successfully fused—cultures of the Philippines and Mexico in the current roster of designs. The hand-made pieces find parallelism between our ways of pamamaraka and pamamasyal as it mirrors sights reminiscent of a trip on holiday.

Baúl proves to be a vanguard in their field of work through their continuous social initiative; each piece proudly hand-woven by trained artisans from a correctional facility in the Philippines. Each purchase is also accompanied by a protective cloth hand-printed and hand-sewn in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development benefitting mute and deaf workers.

The collection is now available in store.


Photos by Inez Moro & Geric Cruz

Model Graciela del Fiera

Makeup Anacleta Paredes

Styling Mano Gonzales

Sittings editor Carla Villanueva

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