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SORA x Amble Collection: Down Under Perspective

Constructed from recycled post-consumer plastic, a SORA towel is not only consciously crafted from approximately eight plastic bottles, but also sand-repellent, anti-microbial, and has moisture activated grip—perfect for heady days by the beach or at a yoga class.

With their latest capsule collection Amble, SORA has worked together with the Swedish visual artist and designer Hanna KL. This new pairing unveils a unique print inspired by the Australian outdoors, coaxing us to visualize muted hues and the fiery trappings of the dusty wilderness—not unlike the humidity and lush coconut trees that punctuate our own islands.

Alongside their quintessential offering, the brand further actualizes its ethos with the introduction of the SORA bottle donning the same print, bolstering their environmental sustainability efforts to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in the world.

The Sora x Amble Collection is available in store and online.

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